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Important Messages

= 7/16/16 =


Hopefully, your summer reading hasn't made you feel like you are finishing a marathon... instead, you should be energized and ready for school in September!

28 young patrons (YES, TWENTY-EIGHT!) have already logged their required reading time and are eligible for the grand prize drawing. And a lot of kids are SOOOOOO CLOOOOOSE!

There is still time to catch up and get some reading in, and you can sign up for the program right until the end and log the time you read at the beginning of summer.

Overall (including our summer storytimes), 212 children and young adults have read (or have been read to) for an amazing 914 hours in six weeks! Each of them will have a running start at being more successful in the 2016-2017 school year.

We are starting to run out of registration prizes, so please come by the library if you haven't yet, to pick up your bookbag and coloring passport.

= 7/13/16 =

We're almost to the finish line!

A quick note for participants who are in 6th grade or higher: if you do not see your log under the main program, please click on the "YA" tab to see if you have been transferred to that program. Your minutes will also be transferred there.

If you are in grades 6-12, in order to finish the program and get a grand prize chance, you need to read for 20 hours, or 1200 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact the library at 218-631-2476 or email at Wadena@krls.org.

= 6/4/16 =

We are getting excited for the new Summer Reading Program to start. Monday cannot come soon enough!

Please make sure to come into the library and get your registration prize packet, which includes a book bag, bookmark and coloring-book passport. We are limited on supplies, so the bags will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You will be able to log your minutes as soon as you read your first book on Monday.

Hooray for summer and happy reading!

= 5/26/16 =

Pre-registration is now open! Just remember, you won't be able to log any books until the program officially opens on Monday, June 6th.

Happy reading!

= 5/19/16 =

Hi Readers!

Pre-registration for the 2016 Summer Reading Program will be here soon! Check back here next week for more information!

= 5/12/16 =

Congratulations to the winners of the Wadena City Library bookmark contest!

Second grade students at WDC and Verndale Elementary designed a bookmark and our patrons voted for the winners.

Children's Book Week kicks off publicity for our annual Summer Reading Program and includes a special series of library story-times. This year, the kids experienced a brand new book starring one of their favorite characters in "Froggy Goes To the Library."

We are still working on the visual look of the 2016 Summer Reading Program page. The event will start on Monday, June 6th, and pre-registration will be open soon.

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back, or follow us on Facebook for the latest information!